Chimo Refuges is the Top Pet-friendly Resort in Quebec.

Going on vacation can be a pain when you have to find a sitter for your dog. Unfortunately, most vacation destinations don't allow for pets to be brought along. If you want to try something a little different, however, you might consider heading to Chimo Refuges. Chimo Refuges is one of the few pet-friendly resort options in the region.

Chimo Refuges is a nature-based eco-resort that is all about making yourself one with nature. This is accomplished through hikes, outdoor games, backcountry cross-country skiing, and more. What makes Chimo Refuges particularly notable is that they allow for your dogs to join in on the fun. You need only leash your dog when outside in order to enjoy the resort.

Vacation is all about relaxing and enjoying your time. When you leave your dog behind, a small part of you will always wonder how they are doing. Chimo Refuges is the ideal pet-friendly resort for appreciating a holiday with someone who really knows how to get into the vacation mindset, and pooches have the full package:


- Unquenchable lust for life? Check.

- Healthy appreciation for the outdoors? Check.

- Ability to leave stresses behind and just relax? Double-check.

Located near several pet-friendly parks and trails, Chimo Refuges also offers a pet-friendly experience with over 40 acres of accessible trails and breathtaking views on the property.

Suggested dog-friendly trails and parks in the area:

Parc John H. Molson – St-Sauveur, QC (4km of trails)
Parc de la Rivière Doncaster – Ste. Adèle, QC (15km of trails)
La Montfortaine – Montfort, QC (11km of trails)
Parc Régionale Val-David / Val-Morin (59km of trails)
Centre de Plein Air de St-Adolphe-de-Howard (44km of trails)


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348 Montée St-Gabriel

St-Sauveur, QC

J0R 1R7

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TEL:                 514-248-2576


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